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Aethelwulf of Wessex Phase II Penny of Canterbury Unique Type  (SS16 3 Aethw) - £ 2200.00
Aethelwulf of Wessex Phase II Cross and Wedges Penny.

Deiheah on Canterbury. Unique example with Dr Naismith stating:

"The Aethelwulf is new to me: I have not seen this specimen before, and you are right about it being a new type. Coins of similar style for Daegheah are known (I've got sixteen coins of this phase for him in my catalogue), but all of them have either a Christogram or a cross-crosslet on the reverse. This is the first known specimen for him with a cross and wedges reverse, though a similar type was produced by six other moneyers in the same phase (Deora, Herebeald, Hereberht, Leofa, Manna and Osmund). It is, therefore, quite an important coin, as new types or variants for Aethelwulf only come up very rarely these days. Interestingly, it seems to be struck from the same obverse die as a coin with a cross-crosslet reverse (Bird 85,
ex Drabble 370)."

Ex Mark Rasmussen. Slight edge chip.

Spink 1047. North 612.

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